Beyond the Object - Contemporary Nordic Ceramic Art

2 June - 16 September 2018

Beyond the Object flyer

Ane Fabricius Christiansen (DK)
Martin Woll Godal (NO)
Christin Johansson (SE/DK)
Ivana Králíková (CZ/SE)
Pauliina Pöllänen (FI/UK)
Erna E Skúladóttir (IS/NO)
Matilda Haritz Svenson (SE)
Hanne Mago Wiklund (SE)
Hedvig Winge (NO)

S L A M / Annika Enqvist, Henny Linn Kjellberg and Moa Lönn – curators of Beyond the Object.

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The exhibition Beyond the Object presents large spatial installations, performances and works that resemble processes and investigations rather than completed physical forms. Working in an expanded field of experimental ceramic art in the Nordic region, the artists challenge our way of understanding the narratives and the possibilities of clay.

Choreographies for objects, tranquil clay rituals and architectural building blocks are some examples from the exhibition. Also included are works based on the ceramic as a carrier of culture – of that which the collective memory and collecting represent today. Clay is employed to explore different levels of consciousness, and there are works that create social contexts  that investigate the relationship between people, materials and places. The artists also connect with the origin of clay, its constituents and properties on a conceptual level using geology, mineralogy, history and body and thus expanding the artistic field of clay. The ephemeral and performative are included as aspects of how to think cyclically in relation to clay. 

In Uppsala, many generations have been marked by the presence of the brick and ceramic factory Ekeby, from it’s founding in the 1880s and later by the Upsala-Ekeby company which produced household and art ceramics until the 1970s. Today, clay is no longer as prominent. While visible at building sites, it does not occupy an industrial role in the city. However, memories and stories around the factory remain and there is a strong interest in the artistic objects that were designed and manufactured in the city.

In Beyond the Object, artists from the field of experimental ceramics have created works most of which are related to Uppsala. The backstory of the works reflect a new time, a new approach and new insights into the material upon which the city is built. With clay as a tool, stories of how humans have tilled the land, industry, craft, energy and spirituality emerge.