The Last Supper
Concept and score: Children of Guts (SU-EN and Hans T Sternudd)
Time: 21 November 14:00–15:00
Place: Uppsala Art Museum, Vasasalen.

Children of Guts (SU-EN and Hans T Sternudd) 
Sofia Breimo 
Gustaf Broms 
Per Nilsson
Eva Björkman 

Sinead O´Donell (Northern Ireland)
Irma Optimist (Finland)
Astrid Azda Reinhammar
Agustin Ortiz Herrera 
Johanna Rosenqvist 
Kent Tankred
Mervi Junkkonen
Birgitta Granbacka

This supper ritual redefines the boundaries between the outer world and the inside of the body. In the process, a reunion takes place between man and nature to bridge a gap created by knowledge. The participants revert to a state where no names, categories or forms exist. The social norms regarding behavior are ignored and the skin becomes the canvas upon which the world is applied and slapped on. The piece is an extension of the video piece “Voracious – the body of gluttony”. With support from the Swedish Art Grants Committee.

Meat Re-Mix 
Mind and body: SU-EN
Time: 26 November 18:00–18:30
Place: Uppsala Art Museum, 4th floor

SU-EN engages in a dialogue with Pieter Aertsen's (1505/1508–1575) painting “The Butcher's Stall ” in a vegetarian-feminist protest against the motif of the image. At the same time, there is also a strong sense of affinity with the meat. Of taking delight in being a body, an organism, meat. A sense of joy at the thought of one day becoming food for another living being. The piece is inspired by the book “The Sexual Politics of Meat” by Carol J Adams.

Body, Meat and Powers
Panel discussion with SU-EN, Ebba Bohlin and Anna Petronella Foultier. 
Moderator Rebecka Wigh-Abrahamsson, curator at Uppsala Art Museum.
Time: 26 November 18:40–19:30
Place: Uppsala Art Museum, 4th floor

Anna Petronella Foultier (former Fredlund) defended her dissertation Recasting Objective Thought: The Venture of Expression in Merleau-Ponty’s Philosophy, Stockholm University, Stockholm, 2015. In 2010-2013, she participated in a research project on the dancer's creative process, directed by professor Cecilia Roos at The University of Dance and Circus, Stockholm, financed by the Swedish Research Council. Foultier has taught among other subjects the history of philosophy, phenomenology, ethics, theory of science and feminist philosophy, particularly at SU, Södertörn University, DOCH, Pennsylvania State University and Örebro University.